Sunday, July 12, 2009

The blind side..

I was awake last morning. At 2'o clock when I finished 'The Perfume' on my computer screen, I heared the chatting of my friends. They also havn't slept.When I asked about the matter, they told I was the villain of their story.

It was around 5 years ago.On my 2nd year of graduation there was college election. I still don't know what was in my mind which kept me to feel inferior, those days. When the election came I thought some one will pull me up for candidature. But it didn't happen.

Then me ,myself stood up. But there were 2 others also,among my classmates.At that time something in me worked opposite of my basic nature. I just decided to go on.We, me and 2 other classmates decided know the opinion of our class.

I just astonished by their choice.The mass,they pick me up.That day I didn't care for the other 2.
But one of them is a best friend of mine now.
And it is for u my friend I'm writing this. To say ''SORRY!" if I hurt you.Let all of them out there hear this.

I still confused.Some instincts drives us so crazy,that we will lose our morale,moto, and may be ourselves in search for fulfill it.Me too wasn't different.

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  1. There are some thing to be happen in everybody's life. The things which we take serious today is the matter for a sweet smile tomorrow...